Hurricanes Eta and Iota

We’re saddened by the reports of destruction and massive flooding across Central America since Eta made landfall and the intensification of hurricane Iota in the same area, and would like to express our deepest solidarity.

On behalf of all Bupa’s employees, we would like to offer our support to our members and agents during this critical moment. If you have any medical needs, please contact us through our number on the back of your Insured ID card, call us at our 24-hour emergency line +1 (305) 275-1500, or if you prefer, send us an email at

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Icono GloboWe are a leader in international health insurance, that gives you access to health services providers around the world. Access to over 1.2 million medical services providers in more than 190 countries.
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When you count on us as your international insurance ally, you have all the benefits Bupa Global offers at your fingertips, including our worldwide healthcare network.

Our objective is to care for your health and wellbeing though the state-of-the-art preventative treatments and periodic health checkups.

We are with you in good health or when you are going through a serious medical condition. Our provider network is always available for your needs.


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Global Coverage

Access to the care you need, where you need it.



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