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Portada Asma EPOC

Asthma COPD

Monitor your respiratory function by recording your blood oxygen measurements

Have the best management of your pathology

Thanks to the data collected, our doctors will be able to monitor your health and guide you towards a healthier life. ​

Pareja sonriendo

Professional accompaniment

Our medical team will be at your disposal so that you can have Video Consultations and have a better follow-up of your pathology.

Values to be measured

  1. Oxygen saturation levels
  2. Cardiac frequency
  3. Spiatory flow

How are we going to measure these values?

LThe values are automatically incorporated into My Bupa Latin America App from your smart devices.​

Available applications*

Icono Apple

Apple Health

App Fitbi


App Garmin


App google

Google Fit

App Polar


App Strava


App Withings


Recommended devices*

LifeVit BPM-200 scale

Beurer AS97 wristband
Rever International

*If you have devices that are not among the recommended ones, you can enter your data manually.

My Bupa App: your access to Blua

Logo Blua.

Download our My Bupa Latin America App, for iOS or Android.

Log in to My Bupa using your username and password. If you have not registered, you can do so from the app, to access our online services.

If you need assistance to register, please contact Customer Service.

You can register in the following health programs:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Healthy Mind
  • Chronic disease management

Schedule same-day
on the same day

Measure your vital signs

You can also learn details about:

  • Your policy
  • Your claims
  • Your digital card
Qr Code for App Store and Google Play Download.

*Blua services are not available within the United States or to persons under 18 years of age.