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Nuestra diferencia


The inspiring journey of Santiago
Financial Peace of Mind

Access to the Best Medical Providers Worldwide.

Through access to a network of more than 1.2 millions medical providers, our international medical insurance offers the flexibility to choose where and how you wish to receive treatment.

In this special video featuring Santi, his parents and doctors, you’ll see how we help this young person to get his life back after a terrible accident. Today, he’s not only fully recovered but has a foundation supporting children in need of orthopedic equipment

Play The coverage that Bupa Global offers includes international medical transportation to the medical center closest to where the emergency occurs.

Thanks to our maternity coverage, you can focus all your energies on the newborn, rather than on the hospital bills.

This is the story of Maria Esther and her husband, a couple which was surprised during their second pregnancy by news of triplets on the way.

With us taking care of the pediatric arrangements and the babies’ care, the couple could concentrate on giving all their love to Isabella, Carla and Francesca.

Play See how a story of joy begins for a new family